I studied Fine Art at Gravesend School of Art and Rochester College of Art in Kent in the early 60's where I was taught classical drawing skills and developed a love of figurative art.

Marriage, motherhood and working a family business became a priority for many years, but on recently moving to Suffolk from Kent and with more free time, I am now committed to following my passion once again.

My Passion.

Specialising in figurative and landscape painting with a romantic feel, I work towards strong images that give visual pleasure.

My figurative work is varied and includes line drawings, life studies, portraits in oils and acrylic.

My aim is to provide an intimate glimpse..... to convey more than mere flesh and bone, trying to always capture the "spirit" as well as the form of the subject.

I hope that the passion that I feel when painting, will translate into a response in the viewer which is pleasing, emotionally stimulating and visually exciting.

I am truly fascinated by people, and also greatly inspired and delighted by nature. So although I am primarily a figurative artist, I find the colours, lights and skies of my local area inspirational, and I hope that my love of colour, texture and form translates into all areas of my work.